The Common Grave in Oviedo, one of the biggest in Spain, is a permanent symbol of the tragedy of Civil War. Our relatives, comrades or friends who were executed and buried in it, make us remember: we won't forget those who, being close to us, were unfairly taken away by irrational forces, just for having shared the defense of ideals of peace and democracy. The answer to those beliefs would be vile, cold-blooded murder.

In my case the grave contains the memory of my grandfather, Herminio Fernández Onís, a man I am proud to be a descendant of, and whose name I bear. He was born in Nava, and he lived in Sama, two small towns some 30 km east of Oviedo; he was a good and noble man who loved his wife and two small daughters. He was killed just like the rest: being innocent. He died holding his head up, wishing a freedom for Spain which would take long to arrive.

Our main goal is to restore the honour of the people who died for a free Republic. And we think that we don't need to take the bodies out of Mass Graves just to bury them somewhere else, to acknowledge their  fight and their memory. With this web site we want  to pay homage to  those who suffered and still suffer because of the most visceral hatred: the everlasting proof of man as the cruellest, heartless and merciless animal in nature.










Herminio Fdez Onís, con sus hijas Alicia (izquierda) y Angelita (derecha)









Sama de Langreo - Asturias ( Spanish Republic ), June 1936




Association of Relatives and Friends for the Common Grave of Oviedo