The momument at the spot of the executions

Once the marble slabs and the front were installed, telling everybody the true story of fascist crime, the tribute to the victims needs just a small detail in order to accomplish their restoration: the place where thousands of innocent Republicans were executed (just before being piled up like animals and then carried to the Grave to be buried in quicklime) is still a place without a name, a degrading spot outside the graveyard that only those who haven't forgotten our History regard with deep sorrow: we can't forget the blood-stained, bullet-hole covered cemetery wall just in front, and we will always remember, however much conservative forces want us to forget.

That place can be seen in the pictures just below these lines.

Flowers and sad looks are always present there on every Day of the Spanish Republic (April 14) and on every All Souls' Day (November 1) , but we need something else: the idea of a monument in memory of the hundreds of innocents who lost their lives right there, has always been a permanent thought in our minds. The Association has been asking our local authorities for permission to set up such a monument for years and years, but the answer has been the same: our petitions have always been ignored by the local (conservative) government. Maybe because it is not the same as the slabs and rest of things which mark and honor the common grave, as this area is actually outside the cemetery, and it would be too "visible" for those who have reasons to keep History hidden. Out of sight, out of mind.......

The attitude of our City Council remained like this ... until November 2007, when something unexpected happened. Just a few days after officially rejecting a new petition for the monolith to be set up (the "excuse" being that it had been presented by the Socialist group and not by our Association) the conservative Mayor of Oviedo changed his mind completely out of the blue, after a meeting with the president of our Association, and not only did he give us permission to set up the monument, but he also granted us a subvention worth 12,000   for such a purpose.

As a result of this sudden change of attitude, our Association will soon start considering ideas, budgets and technical details which, within a reasonable period of time, will become a monolith, probably made of, or covered with, marble. And this can be considered as the final step toward the rehabilitation of the honour of our victims.

This site will be updated as soon as further information can be offered on this or any other interesting subject, concerning the Oviedo Common Grave.


This is the place where hundreds of lives were lost.
This will be the place for a monument to the victims




On every April 14 and November 1, the place looks completely different, being covered in flowers and with a hand-made sign telling the story. The area is cordoned off by the local police to prevent disrespectful people from using it as a car park. Quite obvioulsy, this is not what we want, and this is not what our victims deserve. And here a monolith will finally do them justice.